Designer, Photographer, Copywriter | Girl Scouts of Western Washington, Seattle, WA

Designed poster ads and socials content, photographed programs, products, and social media content, and contributed to copy for marketing campaign in position as Marketing Coordinator. Content created was for internal-audience of council, however, much of the content was also external-facing.


Copywriter | College Fashionista, New York, NY

Wrote e-commerce copy and college lifestyle blogs for College Fashionista in position as Head Blogger and Social Media Intern. Was selected out of international and national pool of interns to work on brand-sponsored content with Amazon Denim and Victoria’s Secret. See my intern profile for more.


Photographer | Know Her Name Blog, Seattle, WA

Hired as the photographer for an multimedia project “Know Her Name,” which showcased women who are powerhouses in their fields. Site received over 5k hits.